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Thread: 6x42 Docter scope

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    6x42 Docter scope

    For sale 6x42 Docter scope that I bought on here earlier in the year.

    I have had this on my 22hornet but I'm looking to upgrade as I have recieved a new permission where I need a bit more mag on my scope.

    this is well used but has served me well on my rifle.

    i will put some pictures up to show the O' Ring on the objective lens that has not hindered me in anyway.

    it does also have some dots inside the tube as described in the original thread below.

    Sold: Docter Optic ZF 6x42M. This is the thread that I bought it from

    110 posted.
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    Pictures of the scope in its current state. I have restored its outside aesthetics as best I can and it looks much better than when I got it. There is a small chink in the front objective O-ring but this has not hindered the performance of the scope in anyway. Very small and hard to get a picture of it.

    the reticle as you can see is nice and fine, there are a few small dots that I could only pic up with the camera by pointing at the sky as they don't show up well when you look through it.

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    I had one of these on my first stalking rifle, held zero well and was good in low light. Not too heavy either from memory. Good luck with the sale

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    Is this still for sale as it is still for sale on the thread heading but the post says sold !
    Which is it please ?

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    This is still for sale, the link in the first post is where I got it from.

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    PM sent.

    PM answered and am going to buy this scope.
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    Scope sold to the gent above.

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