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Thread: Hello from Gloucestershire

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    Hello from Gloucestershire

    Just a quick 'Hi'.

    Been shooting for a while now and just getting into the deer scene


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    Hi Nick,

    Welcome to the SD - there's a few stalkers on here from the Gloucestershire area.

    By the way, my Howa is off to be pillar bedded by Mike Norris into that laminate stock you sold me, at the same time that he does the trigger. It's a lovely and accurate - if heavy - set-up even without the bedding - my son shot his first deer with it recently (Muntjac doe at 113 yards from a highseat).



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    Funny thing i recently bedded my stock!

    Not really needed the pillars as the stock laminate is very good. What are you having done to the trigger? As you can adjust the weight of pull yourself

    Glad he bagged it. Hope the stock brings you lots of happy shooting


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