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    I've just given my springer the leftover bones to chew on from a rear leg of a roe that I roasted today for tea. He has munched the lot including the bone and there's no trace of it now. My wife is concerned that he shouldn't of eaten it and given me a telling off! I've told her that he will be fine but I have a bit of doubt now. Is there anything wrong with giving my dog the bones as a treat?

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    I've always gone by the rough rule of not giving a dog the weight bearing bones, ie the long leg bones as they often splinter into 3-4 inch long pieces that could pose a risk to their internals. Mine is more than happy with any part of the neck/spine, ribs and shoulders though.

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    Just to add he has eaten some leg bones and I've seen the splintered bits on the floor and he has been fine but since seeing the splintered pieces I thought it best not to let him have them any more.

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    Thanks for that. Hopefully he will be fine.

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    I give my dogs the lot cooked or raw never had an issue

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    Always give my dog roe leg bones, Loves them! Always raw though never cooked!

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    My mutt has been fine. Unfortunately havnt got anymore bones to give him. He looked disgusted when I gave him his usual food tonight. Lol

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    My springer regularly munches her way through the whole of the skeleton of what's left after butchery.
    Always raw, never cooked but long bones, ribs, pelvis, spine, neck, shoulders everything goes thro the canine grinding unit and is left in little white parcels to fertilise the roses!

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    My Springers always have the leg bones as a treat,Red,Roe and fallow.....

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    My dogs have bones as a general part of their diet ALWAYS raw. Beef are the best,Lamb and chicken are also good. Pork has the reputation of not giving much nourishment

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