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Thread: Who shoots a Sako finnlight in .243

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    Who shoots a Sako finnlight in .243

    Hey guys, who on here shoots a .243 Sako 75 finnlight in the action 111 ?
    What do you feed it? Mine seems very fussy with ammunition.
    many thanks

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    I have one that I shoot regularly, mainly for Muntjac and Roe. I use hand-loaded ammunition with 85 grain Speer SPBT bullets at 3,100 fps.
    I have not used any factory loads in it, so cannot help there.

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    Every Sako I have shot or owned has proved to be fussy but accurate once you find a suitable diet
    never had a rifle that liked Sako ammo in .222, .243, .270!!

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    I tried quite a variety in my A7, narrowing to and not being to split Hornady SST Superperformance 95g and Sako Gamehead soft point 90g. Both shot sub MOA at 100m and I settled on the Gamehead for the lesser meat damage.

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    I shoot one, it likes sierra 70gr blitzkings fed primers & 39gr of Varget.

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    are you aware that very light rifles can be harder to shoot accurately ? I'm not casting aspersions about your ability but I've witnessed it a few times now when people have brought light rifles and have had to re-visit their technique to shrink the groups again ?

    just a thought?
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    thanks guys appreciate all your thoughts. tack b i totally agree but my other rife is a mauser alpine in .30-06 un moderated and that shoots well. the .243 should be a kitten in comparison!

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    Hi Andy,
    To echo what tjm160 said, a friend of mine has one and finds the hornady 95 grain sst very accurate. His doesn't seem to like 100 grain ammo, but shoots very well with 90 or 95 grain.

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    I have one and fire federal 100 grain soft points. Half inch groups at 100 yards and cheap aswell. Doesn't mean that they will suit your rifle though.

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    +1 HH; I tried Federal in my A7 and they were all over the shop. ~4-inch group at 100m if memory serves me correctly.

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