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Thread: Lee collet die and case length gauge for 17 Remington

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    Lee collet die and case length gauge for 17 Remington

    Looking for used set before buying new.

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    You will find that the 17Rem collet die is a special (I bought one when they had it on offer) and that Lee do not make a case length gauge for the 17 Rem as spindle is too small for the cutter.
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    Looks like ill be making one then Matt.

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    Thanks for the info Sauer. I have found a 17Rem die set (both neck collet and seater) for sale at Kranks but already have a seater so was but was hoping to find a used collet neck die so that Gunner223 could weave his magic and modify it for 17 Hornet.
    On top of that it looks like you might have to make the case length gauge from scratch Gunner. I have the cutter if it can be modified, but no Hornet case rim holder nor .17 case length mandrel.
    10 mins work tops!
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    Yes got both (I think)
    Will check when I get home

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoda View Post
    Yes got both (I think)
    Will check when I get home
    Marvellous! Please do.

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    Case length gauge now sorted, but still looking for collet die.

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