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Thread: Hornady Interlock 7mm 162 BTSP #2845

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    Hornady Interlock 7mm 162 BTSP #2845

    Bought 3 boxes of these with view to taking a 7x64 to Africa. Chose a 30-06 instead and now have 2 unopened boxes of 100 and one opened box with 20 missing - makes 280 projectiles/heads in total. Retail is 38.90 a box. Happy to take 75 for the lot. Face to Face or RFD only as expanding.
    PS These were bought in April this year and all looks new as from shop - in case someone is bothered about cosmetics.
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    Hi Bud
    Where abouts in Essex are you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by white van man View Post
    Hi Bud
    Where abouts in Essex are you.
    I' just down the A12 from you Steve. Pm sent. John

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    I will take them PM to follow.

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