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Thread: When is this rain going to stop?

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    When is this rain going to stop?

    I don't know about all you others but it is still raining cats and dogs right now around my neck of the woods, just as it has been since I can't remember when. I'm just about ready to start climbing the walls! It feels like we've has been the rainiest November that I can remember and getting out for a shot has been nigh on impossible.
    We had a Club Clay Choot yesterday and just to make things interesting along with the rain showers we had gail force winds which resulted in most of the clays launched in one piece - One of the stands had a clay quartering away from us from right to left at about 45 degrees but the wind was so strong that it was turning it and coming back straight over our heads in double quick time. I gave up after 25 birds with a very embarrassing scope of just 8! Yes, you did read that right, just 8 out of 25!
    If and when the weather eventaully dries up I have a few does to cull on one of my permissions and I am also booked for a some culls (I'm told that something like 70 beasts have to be culled as they are needed for Christmas orders) but it is impossible to get out on the waterlogged fields without churning up the ground, and it looks like it will stay that way for a while with all the rain we have had!
    I've spent many of these rainy November days cleaning and maintaining all my guns (I must have some of the cleanest and best maintained guns in East Lancs now), I've got all on my knives razor sharp and all my other shooting gear has been checked, rechecked and double checked so I've now run out of things to do to fill my time.
    The weather forecast is now saying that this rain is likely to continue for most of this week as well so I am now lost for things to do and bored senseless!
    How do you guys handle your spare time in weather like this when you're stuck at home day after day?

    Edit: The wife has found something tofill her time today - She's putting up the Christmas decorations - Already!
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    Rain, rain, rain. So shall we guess mid-January for the new year's drought warnings to start?

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    Minus three and snowing here. Suns just come out for a bit.
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    even worse when u living is gardening tipical british weather

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    Its a grim dark day here but (literally) the ducks are enjoying it. There is a pond in the garden and a morning flight in, to preen and seemingly have a duck chat.
    I'm off beating on Saturday but am silently saying a prayer to the rain god to have a break. Underfoot its gloop and will take time to dry out. Going out shopping actually looks attractive !

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    Try filling your time after shift while offshore in the middle of the North Sea for three weeks at a time! On the plus side that gives me three weeks "playtime" once back on the beach.

    We have had some high winds with driving rain over the last couple of days and last night the waves crashing into the platform were on the rather LARGE side, thankfully things have settled down a bit from last night.

    Role on "playtime".
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