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Thread: 7mm X 64mm loads using Hodgdon H4350

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    7mm X 64mm loads using Hodgdon H4350

    I was wondering if any body has any links or own data on loading a 174gr bullet using Hodgdon H4350 powder in 7mm X 64 mm.
    No data on Hodgdon's website for this calibre,or in the new Lee reloading book.
    Dies just arrived from the Czech Republic and I'm itching to try some loads.
    Im using CCI 200 large rifle primers and RWS brass.
    The gun is a 1967 Mauser model 66.
    Thanks for looking.

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    I shoot the 7x64 but use the .280 Remington data, as always start low and work your way up as per the powder manufacturers guidance.

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    I am no expert but maybe have a look at the data for the 280 remington. Both calibres are not the same but very,very close. This might give you an idea where to start. Minimum loads of the 280 probably will not be unsafe in the 7x64, and maybe work up from there . There are a few experts on here wich might tell you if my idea is safe.

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    Which 174 grain bullet (make & type/number) do you want info for? Also what cartridge overall length will you load them to? - With that info I can suggest some starting loads (QuickLoad)


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    Thanks for the replies,I've had a look at the 280 Remington loads and thought about starting there but as not sure,thought I'd ask.
    Thanks Yorric the bullets are FMJ boat tails PPU 174gr.
    I will be loading them to 84mm overall cartridge length.
    Thanks for the help.

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    Have you tried some 175-gr ammunition in your 7x64, such as the Remington Core Lokt?
    I am at work, so don't and without my personal computer and loads, working from memory.

    Look at the Norma powder loads for the 7x64mm and use 203B as a guide for H-4350, but start at the beginning loads and work up.
    You can go online and download the entire manual as a PDF.

    The older Hornady .280 Rem data of mine says 54.0 grains max of H-4350 giving 2,700 fps, but the newer manuals reduce that to 49.0 grains for 2,600 fps.
    The older Hornady .280 Rem data said 52.0 grains max of IMR-4350, now reduced to 50.0 grains and 2,600 fps.

    The new Nosler manual says 49.0 gr max for 2,650 fps.
    A lot of the manuals are like that for the .280 Rem, because of so many autoloaders and pump rifles - wide range of loads - so start low and work up. Use a chronograph and let velocity be your guide, as well as other signs. Load for accuracy.

    Slower powders, like 4831, 7828, RL-19, RL-22, Norma 204 and MRP, and N-160 and N-165, are going to be good powders for 175-gr bullets (and 160-gr).

    Nosler gives a lot of loads, some at higher pressures, for bolt action rifles only, but starting loads are plenty safe.
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    Chuck hawks in an article on th 7x64 and 7x65r says the following - but notes it is for IMR 4350, not H4350 - they are similar, but not quite the same.

    The Hornady manual seems to be the one to go for.

    The reloader with a 7x64 rifle can approximate all of these factory loads, andhas access to a wider range of bullet weights than is offered in the factoryloads. Of particular interest are the 139-145 grain bullets, which are anexcellent choice in any 7mm rifle for long range shooting. Hornady reloadingdata suggests that 49.3 grains of IMR 4350 powder will drive a 139 grainbullet to a MV of 2600 fps, and 54.7 grains of IMR 4350 will give a MV of 3000 fps.

    Take as an example the 139 Spire Point bullet at a MV of 2900 fps. Hornadyballistic tables for this bullet show a ME of 2595 ft. lbs. The trajectory would beas follows: +1.7" at 100 yards, +3" at 150 yards, +/- 0" at 200 yards, and -7.6"at 300 yards. This would seem to be an excellent choice for hunting CXP2game with a 7x64 rifle.
    Also according to Hornady reloading data, their 154 grain bullet can be drivento a MV of 2500 fps by 46.9 grains of IMR 4350 powder, and 2900 fps by 52.9grains of IMR 4350. A Hornady Spire Point Interlock bullet at 2800 fps wouldhave the following trajectory (Hornady figures): +1.9" at 100 yards, 0 at 200yards, and -8.3" at 300 yards. This should be a potent all-around load for a7x64 rifle.

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    Thanks Southern,
    Not tried the Remington Core Lokt,just shot the RWS 162g Classic Id.
    Some good reading for me,thank you.

    Thanks Heym SR20.... again,
    your help is invaluable,
    pm sent

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    How did the RWS 162-gr shoot for your rifle?
    What kind of rifle, barrel length?
    Do you already have the 174-gr bullets and the H-4350 powder?

    I have found that I can safely interchange 7x64 and .280 Remington load data, because you have to start a bit low until you know your components, as there is as much variation in brass capacity to make the 7x64 and .280 overlap there, plus some of the ball powders like W-760 might prefer a hotter primer, like a Federal 215.


    To my mind, the 154-gr Hornadys and 160-gr Sierra and Speer are ideal to just pick one weight and load a few different bullets, mild and hot, for everything the 7x64mm is designed to hunt. The BCs on all these bullets are high. The 162-gr SST is very sleek. The 160-gr Sierra BTSP Gameking is sleek and the BTHP Gameking shoots the to the same spots for me with the same loadings, but is a tougher bullet. The Speer is more of a semi-spritzer, and tougher yet. These bullets will shoot as flat as most 140-gr bullets at higher MV, and will deliver the energy of a slower 175-gr, and some of them are plenty tough for deep penetration - just look at the African forums and what they use on various plains game.

    I friend of mine, a very good shot, hunting out West while visiting family for Thanksgiving last year, took a large mule deer with one shot from his .280 Remington with the 154-gr SST, complete pass through the heart and lungs, at 410 yards. But he uses the 140-gr SST, too.

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    Hi Southern,
    My rifle is a 1967 Mauser Model 66 with a 24inch barrel.
    The RWS ammo shot well in the rifle better than the S&B I tried.
    I already have the bullets and powder but I am not restricted to using these soley,although there seems to be a powder shortage,this was my fourth choice.
    This is my first rifle and I have not had it long and don't know it's history or shot count so at first I've decided to load heavier bullets and keep the velocity down ,dont want to punish the old girl.
    Also I have never shot a deer, so for my first one I want it to be 100 yards or less so at this moment the trajectory beyond this doesn't concern me.
    This load will be to get me to the range and fire 100 rounds to get used to the gun and also to understand the load for this bullet weight as I have found a supplier in France who has the RWS Classic Id bullets in 162gr and 177gr for reloading.
    They are very nice rounds but a little bit pricey so reloading these is the way for me.
    I have heard that in the 140gr-160gr this calibre is punching well above it's size in stopping power and this I will look into when I gain confidence in the rifle.
    I will look at 280 Remington load data.

    Thank you for your time Southern in assisting me.

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