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Thread: Supprised fox came back

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    Supprised fox came back

    Fox took my ducks on Saturday night. I rigged their pen into a trap with bricks on a cord to pull the gate shut and a stick attached to a ducks carcase by a long string holding the gate open.

    Monday morning I could see the fox had been trying to get in but not through the gate, Doh!

    A bit before midnight I noticed the shadow of the fox pacing about inside the pen. Result!

    It took a couple of minutes to get the rifle together then I couldn't see the blighter through the scope because of the reflection from the lights behind me. While I was dithering it broke out through the chicken wire.

    Wont see that again I thought.

    I reset the gate and bait and fixed the wire with cable ties. About half an hour later, while I was still winding down, I heard the gate bang and there it was again. This time the wire and cable ties let it straight out and I saw it saunter down the garden like it owned the place.

    Now the broken wire is covered with a fencing panel a the trap is reset. Will it try a 3rd time? Who knows.

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    Gaothead, As You probably know, Foxes are very much creatures of habit, following the same routine leaving and moving about their areas and returning at approximately the same times, I lamp foxes in a large area of duck holding pens etc and i watched for several hours when i first got the permission and it's amazing the effort that these foxes put in when hungry and even more satisfied was the farmers mrs seeing the end results the following morning with a couple of foxes lying round the back of the yard before she goes to feed the birds. He or She will be back- Guaranteed and i hope your there to take care of the problem.

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    dont know what your situation is but what about closing up the pen totally and putting a snare up on the outside with an obsticle in the way to gentley funnel the fox into the snare as it trys to find its way back in you could even jut leave the pen door open a jar and set the snare in the gap just peg the door into place so as the fox cant push it open and avoid the snare

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    I like that idea Sir.

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