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Thread: Sightron, Vortex scopes etc

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    Sightron, Vortex scopes etc

    I am thinking about selling my Zeiss Duralyt on the .243 to change to something with more mag, dial-able turrets and illuminated reticle. This would mainly be used for foxing but occasionally stalking and some longer range target practice.
    The scopes in my price range (I would probably look to buy used) I have started looking at are the Vortex Viper PST 6-24, the Sightron S3 and the Sightron S-Tac. Priority I suppose is reliable dialling, then low light performance. I did have a Zeiss Conquest 6-20x50 which was great though no illuminated reticle. Also I would prefer a 30mm tube.
    Thoughts please?!
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    I have a Vortex Viper (non illuminated and unsure if it's the PST model) 6-24 and it's no where near as good as my new Zeis Conquest DL in low light, the image starts to deteriorate a bit after 20x but still able to shoot out to 500m on a small steel target. The turrets have nice solid clicks and return to zero every time. If I'd spent twice as much would the scope be teice as good? Probably not.

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    Another Viper 6-24 PST user and its on my .243 - with ill reticle. Nice scopes, well built, superb value. Illuminated reticle is very sharp and adjustable for brightness. 30mm tube. Might not be just as great at low light or just as clear at highest mags as the best on the market, but then I'd have had to pay another grand for that.....
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    Ive done much the same as your doing i had the Duralyt, then got viper pst 6-24, which i thought was great, then tried the sightron 6-24 ill model, and that was better for me again, and then tried the ZD 6-24 Meopta, and in my view the meopta is the best, i still have and use the Meopta and Sightron.

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    The Sightron brand is excellent value. I have 2 (both fixed power 6x42, Series 11) and they are fine for lowland / woodland stalking conditions.
    Have a look here if you want excellent fast service and lower prices than you will ever get in the UK - even after adding Import Duty and Shipping.
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    Thanks for the info. The Vortex PST does look great for the money, though the S-Tac looks like it may be more suited to low light. Food for thought, thanks.

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    I have two Vortex Viper PST scopes. Both have been faultless.

    One is used regularly in Civilian Service Rifle comps, requiring rapid dialling for elevation (and wind, time-permitting!) from 600 down to 25yds. It has tracked solidly and survived the rigours of three winter leagues without problems. Great value.

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    had the sightron 6x24x50 sold it got the s tack not as good as the sightron s3 manufactured in japan s tack manufactured philapines now back to a sightron s3 illuminated if its for dialing in shots s3 every time even better than my night force hope that helps

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    Wraith- in what way did you find the s-tac not as good as an s3?

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    If you can find an IOR, they are superb. Stunning glass for the money, excellent mechanics, and built like tanks.
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