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Thread: Morning on the rats

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    Morning on the rats

    We were asked to go to the local shoot where that had been rats sighted whilst they were cutting some cover crops down. The whole bank side was riddled with rat hole more than I had seen any where before. We arrived early on Saturday morning parked the vehicles got the gear out the bag of the car and let the dogs get aquatinted with each other then of we set to fine the rat runs. The going was tough for the dogs because of the high over that was still around but we still managed just over 30 in the 2 hours or so we were there so wasn't to bad. 2 dogs missing from eod photo.
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    Some of the best hunting ever! The Plummers look great. There looks some big rats among them.

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    Yeah howy, I always feel like I have been ran over by a train thee day after a ratting trip, great craic and a right laugh. Dogs are in tip top condition at the min mate and there were some corker rats about the have been feasting on beans all summer.

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    Yeah tartan and the odd bit of digging

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    Great stuff and good looking Plummers, I have one too and they are great dogs

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    Proper sport.

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    Great looking dogs, nice to see them working the rats hard, looks like a good day out!

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    Plummers aren't every ones cup off tea but I wouldn't be without one. It was a hard day for the dogs we just need a couple of good hard frosts....

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