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Thread: New rifle and new rifle shooter

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    Cool New rifle and new rifle shooter

    Well yesterday morning I zeroed the scopes on my .22 I had just treated myself to ,with the though of getting out with the rifle that night. The evening came and I headed you to my permissions. How strange it felt walking around the farm in the pitch black dark of the night, I have spent many a day on this land so I thought I new it like the back of my hand but clearly I never its ways different when it's dark lol, one thing I was glad of though was my trusty head torch for getting home. Total buy the end of night about an hour was four bunnies and a hare. Not a bad start to my rifle shooting.
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    Very nice. Your night shooting setup is fairly similar to the light I use for feral hogs. Browning T-Bolt?

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    It's alway a nice feeling when you get out and "christen" a new rifle or set of scopes.
    Well done mate!

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    Yeah was a nice night totally different to what in used to but good craic

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