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    A mention was made in a recent thread with regard to the suitability of adding a few more inches to an already long barrel. Some examples can be easily spotted,like the one mentioned, or the .22 used for rabbits from the jeep. Add a P.H. to a long barrel it can become cumbersome. I chopped my old Brno Model no.2 to 12.5",with a P.H. excellent. However a good mate at the rifle club, had me turn a thread on the space in front of his sight because he only used his walking or at the range.Horses for courses, as is said..

    What has instigated this thread now. I have a very nice lightweight CZ 537 in 7x57 to cut, re-crown and thread,(1/2"x20 unf)for a customer who I will never likely meet. When I remove 1 1/2" of front site manufacturing slots holes etc, the barrel will be approximately 21 1/4" long. The shoulder of the thread will barely achieve 9/16 o/d (sufficient) to locate the wee dumpy ASE UTRA.

    I shall come back to the CZ shortly, but divert to this. A gentleman who i know has a very nice 270,with a very nice stainless moderator. He never shoots the rifle with the mod. on. I asked him why, putting forth the benefits of reduced recoil and tighter groups bla,bla.. His answer was, and I am sure some of you will relate, the POI is so much different with and without the mod. fitted. I offered to check the factory thread and crown, to make sure all is well,but he is happy to shoot it a few times a year when stalking without the mod.( He is a very good shot by the way).

    I come back to the CZ, and my question to any of you that may be interested. Apart from length, weight and calibre I believe the whip/harmonics generated by many 'lite rifle barrels would IMHO be best left as they were designed. Blast away..jc

    I add this for YIO. This is not an advert. I only carry out work through an un-named shop/gun dealer. Anything outside of that I would have to had know you very well indeed, for even advice.jc
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    You have a PM.
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    Light barrels can shoot very well, but being thin they will whip and vibrate a lot more than a stiff heavy barrel. A moderator will proportionally have a much greater effect on a light barrel than a heavy one. It's highly likely that a moderator will have major change on point of impact on a light barrel and chances are post moderating it will have a different liking for ammo. That's not to say it won't be accurate, but I would factor in working up a new load or trying lots of factory ammo again.

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