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Thread: Sitting up and waiting for deer

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    Sitting up and waiting for deer


    I have often sat down and waited for deer to appear in likely spots, but I have never been successful. I have even waited up to a couple of hours. But normally if nothing has appeared after about an hour I move to somewhere else.

    Piece of ground I am now stalking has a lot of leaf litter and thus its noisy, and noisy even just to move into position. Am I giving it long enough? How long do those who regularly use high seats etc allow, and indeed if you sitting up till last light do you go into the seat 30 minutes before or two or three hours before?


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    I try and get in the seat 2 hrs before last light , last week shot a roe 5mins after getting in the seat 15:10

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    Personally I enjoy sitting and watching, having all th wildlife go about their business around me without knowing I'm there. I've sat out for hours and not seen anything but I've also shot deer within 30 mins of arriving. If it's gonna be noisy getting to the seat I like at least an hour to let things settle down. If waiting for last light I will get there a couple of hours early as its the peace and quiet and seeing the countryside change as the sun sets. I then generally leave at the time I don't feel comfortable trying to track a deer which is usually before legal shooting time ends.

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    The sun goes off the trees before the open ground. After sunset the open is warmer than the trees. The deer come out into the more comfortable open ground to graze as temps drop. Usually befor last light the movement begins. Singles start from about one hour before dark, groups tend to be that wee bit later. Sitting on open ground waiting unless a definite wind direction can spread your scent through 360 degrees as the drafts follow different eddies so while you think you may be unseen you are scented and deer never appear. Warm air rises so always try to be uphill from the kill area. Where possible employ a high seat. That bit of elevation tends to lift your ground scene up above the floor drafts. High seat stalking is akin to coarse fishing, always remember the deer are there and you need patience to get the bite. Feeding and grazing they tend to move around their area so eventually they will get to you.

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    In winter I stay in seat till I'm cold in the morning then go walkabout and after lunch walkabout and end up in a seat in the evening when I decide to leave the seat I always give it the 5 min rule before departing Suprising how many get shot in that last 5 mins in the seat !

    The deer seem to appear just when we stalkers (humans ) have had enough ..just hold on that little bit more
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    I use both high seats and sitting at ride junctions with my Idleback or a low stool. I aim to be set-up well before first light and stay for about two hours.
    Two hours is about the max for me. In the evening I aim to be set-up about one hour before sunset. That usually gives me about an hour and a half of shootable light, depending upon conditions.
    In the winter staying warm is an issue. In summer its staying awake.

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    HEYM are you a smoker?

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    Heym try using a garden rake on the last 50m to the high seat to reduce the leafs.

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    I generally will get to a spot about two hours before last light and sit. I know the areas well and where the game trails are. I've shot several deer and foxes using this method. You have to be patient and have good binos, good hearing, a good seat and a good field of view. There are some areas where it is impossible to stalk and watching deer and how nervous they are made me realise that they already heard you 80+m ahead.

    Want further proof, then check out what I filmed on my lone wolf sit and climb combo last 10 minutes of light

    Blaser K95 Stutzen - the ultimate deer stalking rifle

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    I also enjoy my ghost blind
    Blaser K95 Stutzen - the ultimate deer stalking rifle

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