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Thread: A Good Little Blade

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    A Good Little Blade

    A few months ago I went into Go Outdoors and noticed they had a little Buck folding knife for not a lot of money, so I took a punt and bought one. The knife was a Buck Bantam, lock knife and I've been using it ever since.
    All my stalking these days is roe and muntjac, and this little knife has proved to be ideal. It weighs next to nothing and is more than sharp enough to get the job done.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    I carry a Buck Bantam BBW with the 2.75 inch blade, almost every day, even at work. It is so light, and has a pocket clip, so I don't even know it is there, until I need it.

    The original 2 inch Bantam with its flat sides fit well into a pocket. My nephew gave me one 20 years ago, made in the USA of 440C steel and would really take and hold an edge. Its replacement is the Buck Lite in 420HC. I wish I could find one of the old 3-inch Bantams in a used goods shop.

    Just checked my pocket; carrying a Buck 484 today. The Buck Vantage with stainless steel liners, made in USA, is a bargain, too.
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    yes buck for me two the little folding carbon model very sharp easey to keep sharp and can butcher a red no problem cost 40pounds money very well spent have no regrets

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