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Thread: new York visit

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    new York visit

    Righto me and the good lady wife are off to new york next week apart from all the normal sights what's else is ther to see and do? And good gun shops or the like?
    Thanks in advance

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    B&H is worth a visit, especially if you're after any new optics. They used to do discount for people from the UK if you showed your passport.

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    Holland & Holland and Beretta Gallery right off 5th Avenue are a thrill for me.
    Griffin & Howe moved out of the city after the WTC attack shut things down a while - more upscale gun shops in Greenwich, CT and on Long Island.
    Maybe an off-Broadway play... some are very good, inexpensive, and not crowded.

    Go in different skyscrapers, ride up to high and get different views.

    Don't know if you can still do it cheaply, but take a helicopter ride over the city. When I worked on Park Avenue years ago, it was cheaper to fly to my building rooftop from the airport than to take a cab or limo.

    ---- the usual stuff is worth it -------------
    Walk around Central Park perimeter,
    Metropolitan Museum of Art and walk around that neighborhood
    Guggenheim Museum
    Statue of Liberty and Staten Island Ferry Ride

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    Thanks for that I hadn't thought of a helicopter flight. We have booked tickets to most of the normal atractions and we are going to scale in times square aswell as walk central park. Just wondered what else there was apart from shopping lol

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    Check if you can fly from JFK airport to a heliport near your hotel, as part of a cheap connection.

    There are also some boat rides from the 80s piers on the Hudson River, down around the tip of Manhattan, up the East River and back, about 2 hours or less, about 25 miles.

    A train ride in the middle of the day, between commuter hours, from Penn Station to Ronkonkomo, Long Island and back, will give you a quick view of a different part of the NYC area.

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    Helo flight is definatly worth it! There'll be a leaflet in the hotel lobby no doubt. They leave from the old cruise ship terminals, while your that way and if it's still going there's an aircraft museum on an aircraft carrier. Then there's all the normal sites... I don't particularly like cities but I really enjoyed New York... You'll have a great time!
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    I like to grab a Starbucks and get into Central Park, then look back at NYC skyline from there... I love the peace & quiet, knowing just how busy the city is less than a mile away. It's not exciting compared to all the other suggestions, but a little ritual for me anytime I'm there
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    Adorama is good for optics. If you go to Macy's or Bloomingdales, go to customer services and they'll give you a tourist discount card.

    Intrepid museum is cool. Polar bear in Central Park also cool.

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    Orvis it's a brilliant shop its near the New York Yankees shop any of the natives will know where that is, my wife got me a pair of hunting gloves and they lasted almost 10 years and orvis do some great catalogues Bazil

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    Go to Peter Luger in Brooklyn for steak.

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