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Thread: Beaver believed shot

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    Beaver believed shot

    Just watched the Scotish news where thay anounced the a female beaver, released in Knapedale, Argyle, is believed to have been shot!!.

    Why do thay usualy say " Believed to have been shot" when thay have no carcase and no evidence of this, its bloody infuriating how thay asume that if there releases dont work it must be someone with a gun that has caused there failure to achieve there pecieved outcome. AAaaarrgghh .

    Dry Powder.


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    Totally agree with your AAaaaargghh but that`s what all these so called conservation bodies do. I`m waiting for all the keepers and stalkers in my part of the woods to get the blame when the reintroduced sea eagle starts kicking the golden eagles out of their areas as they compete for limited rescources.These people can`t see any flaws in their plans so they blame us.
    Pine martens v cappercaille and everything else
    Sea eagles v golden eagles
    Sea eagles v black and red throated divers [the chicks make a good meal and an easy target,and yes it does happen]
    One protected species killing another.

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    my son has just returned from NORWAY hunting beavers and did very well in fact but was with the right people to make his trip a good one . if you shoot a beaver still in the water they sink like a stone he was told so the said animal may have been shot and will never be found . the story of his trip can be found on CENTREFIRE UK if you are on this sight under 222 cwd my trip to norway and to make things even better ELLIE shot one as well pictures with story on other sight

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    It might have died from anything at all deases would yop of my list as they have been imported.

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    The person writing the article must have shot it..... a logical conclusion given who else could have known

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    Unless it was fenced in it could have scampered off to look for a habitat more to its liking.


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    Beaver shooting? I'm sorry to many jokes too little time!

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    before i got engaged and was a smidge younger , i used to enjoy a little beaver hunting !

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    Barry... do you have a link to the story?. I did Google search and can only find a reference to a similar story from last August.
    A lot of other beaver stuff came up but I won't go into that


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    If the source of the story is Jenny Holden the Scottish Beaver Trial Field Officer, then she's got previous for crying wolf, (beaver?).

    Here's an extract from a Guardian article that appeared last December referring to an 'incident' that occurred in June:

    "I'm standing with her, as she recalls what she heard, in the driving rain on a wooded hillside above one of the beaver family's lodges. "It was actually four rifle shots," she tells me. "Ironically, it was my first night off since we had released the beavers. My boyfriend is a sniper in the army and when he heard the shots he was able to say exactly what the weapon was and know where it had been fired. Straightaway, he said: 'That's right on top of your beavers, Jen.' And the next evening we had two beavers missing."

    Yeah right. One of them, 'Andreas Bjorn' had buggered off to a fish farm at Port na Moine and was recaptured in August, (so why no correction to the 'shooting incident' story that apparently happened in June and was published in December?). You can read about the not inconsiderable lengths these people are going to to ensure that 'their' beavers don't wander off too far - what do they think they are, domesticated stock? (scroll down towards the bottom)

    Can the OP give a bit more info regarding the new 'shooting incident', or maybe it's just a re-hash of the earlier one? Perhaps the Scottish Beaver Trial people are looking to raise the profile in the media and any story will serve the purpose? Come to think of it, weren't the SNP getting behind the Beaver Project as a symbol of Scotlands Heritage? Maybe the recent election results have caused them to start looking for other political support!
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