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Thread: Howa mounts

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    Howa mounts

    I got a picatinny rail on howa I need mounts for a 8x56 what mounts do I need l like my scope as near to the barrel as possible thanks

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    think folk will need the objective diameter of the scope to advise on this.

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    I have Sports-Match UK mounts on my Howa but a 6x42 not 8x56.
    If you email Sports-Match with your details of rifle and scope (Brand, model, spec) they usually reply promptly and advise you which mounts are the best fit - from their extensive range.
    Your could of course fit 'Premium branded' mounts but Sports-Match does the job for me, on three different rifles, never ever had to make adjustments or tighten.
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    Hi mate,
    you will probably need the 30mm high mounts to fit a 20mm picatinny rail,

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    You don't say what cartridge, but....Mounting a large scope up high puts a lot of leverage on the juncture of rings to the rail, so get something sturdy with a wide footprint. I like the Warne steel 30mm High rings. And if you get the QR rings, they pretty much return to zero when swapping out optics.

    Go the Warne web site and it will show how high the different rings, on their bases ( close to your rail in height) put the center of the scopes above the barrel.

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    Dont just assume your new mounts are a matched pair when you open the packet

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    Hi i had a 8x56 shmidt on my 223 howa nad used med warn style mounts and fit was great im guesing it would be same on 3006 howa

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    Ive got medium height mounts for my x56.
    and low height for my x44
    on howa picatinny rail

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