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Thread: Advice on first lease

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    Advice on first lease

    I am just finalizing a lease for stalking rights over a friendly farmer's land but as this is my first one I wanted to ask a few (probably bone) questions about selling the game. I have my DSC1 so can sell the meat to a game dealer but really don't understand how it all works - how do I find one, how should I approach him so I don't seem like an idiot, how will he expect the carcasses, what paperwork do I need to do, etc? I would really appreciate any insight into making the most from this - I am fine with the stalking and carcass prep I just have no clue what to do afterwards!

    As I said, I have a DSC1 and a fair bit of stalking experience here and abroad but realise that I am completely clueless about this side of it. Any advice/pointers appreciated.

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    To answer your questions:

    1. Find one by using Google and/or get recommendations from local stalkers
    2. Approach: Phone, email, write or call in, ask your questions, every business has specific requirements.
    3. Generally: Cleanly shot, preferably head-shot (this is of course against 'Best Practice!') and in the fur. Head and feet removed, hocked. Labelled with your signed-off hunter's tag (obtainable from the BDS online shop). Expect deductions for blood damaged meat, expect refusals to accept the carcass if there are obvious food hygiene issues such as contamination with mud, grass, fly-strike etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik Hamburger;1047698

    3. Generally: Cleanly shot, [B
    preferably head-shot [/B](this is of course against 'Best Practice!') .
    Sorry, but that isn't the case. Sure, some game dealers will deduct money for meat damage, but don't be thinking you have to head shoot animals for them to go to a game dealer!!!! PLEASE!!
    Some dealers are more fussy that others, but I've never had any deductions for single shot animals whether neck, shoulder, chest.

    I've never labelled an animal I've sent to the game dealer, they do that there and I fill out a declaration form (name, address, hunter ID etc), so don't rush out to spend money if you don't have to on labels.... again, check with the dealer you find.

    Worth checking if your dealer wants the pelvis cut, or rib cage opened, not all do, some don't care.
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    Whereabouts in N Somerset I may be able to help ( point you in right direction )

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    Have only sent 2 roe to the game dealer but one was neck shot and one was chest shot. Sent at the same time. Got 3/kg for the neck shot one and 2.25/kg for the shouldershot one. Maybe differs from dealer to dealer.

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    I would speak with the game dealer first and confirm to his requirements. If you know any large pheasant shoots they will tell you which game dealer picks up their birds and they should pick up venison to.

    Any that are not shot to well I keep for my own freezer. Most game dealer are crying out for venison this time of year, after Christmas they might not want as many, so make sure you have freezer space or return some to the farm.
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    If a game dealer is dictating where you the stalker is shooting your deer change your game dealer.
    there is arguably less damage with a well placed mid/rear chest shot that goes through behind the shoulders than there is with a low neck shot

    Ask everyone lots of questions about what they expect

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    Amem Ed, BASC and BDS also encourage iirc.jc

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    Not sure i would deal with Eric's game dealer!

    I am certain there are guys on here who can point you in the right direction.

    I deal with Kellys (too far for you) in Copplestone, Devon, they have never deducted anything from my deer, mind you i did see one in there a few weeks ago shot in the haunch!



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    A lot depends on which dealer you are using, all will deduct for bad shot beasts saddle or haunch , some will class as saddled if the spine is broken anywhere along its length apart from the neck others only if fillets are damaged
    you will loose quite a % for saddled or haunches carcasses and it's usually a good idea to salvage what you can from these and keep it for your own use.

    The same with any where the bullet has burst the stomach , the bullet will carry stomach contents with it as it exits
    contaminating the meat for some distance around that area, while its possible to use a hose to remove surface contamination it won't remove it from where it's been forced by the bullet, unless you can completely cut away the infected area back to clean uncontaminated meat it's best not to try and sell the carcasses is its likely to be condemned,again if you want to use it yourself that is up to you.

    You can buy tags from BDS or the likes of Bushwear but most dealers have their own tags and will supply you with them if you are a regular supplier.

    Delivered to dealer or collected from your premises heads and legs removed most will wan't the rib cage split and some the aitch bone split ask how they want the carcasses before supplying it prevents any confusion.

    Your trained hunter number is the number on your DMQ certificate, some dealers will require you to sign a declaration some will wan't a photo copy of your level 1 certificate.

    You will need to fill in the details on each tag that attach to a carcasse date killed species , sex and your signature

    If collecting from you , your larder needs to be up to a certain standard , google supplying venison to an AGHE for relevant requirements.

    It is also a legal requirement to keep a record of all carcasses supplied to a dealer , date killed, by whom killed,the
    trained hunter who inspected the carcase if not the person who shot it, sex, a four figure grid reference(this is required for traceability in the case of serious disease) tag number, to whom sold and the date when sold, that is the basics required but you can add additional information if you so wish.

    And finally while it's unlikely you will be chased for a couple of carcasses dealers also have to keep records of who supply's them so expect to pay tax on any income received if supplying on a regular basis.

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