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Thread: Praise for Wildcat rifles/UK custom shop

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    Praise for Wildcat rifles/UK custom shop

    After a long while of deliberating, browsing, question asking and pricing up I decided last week on which new moderator to buy for my 270.
    I settled on the Wildcat Evolution, which I liked for its modularity (in effect I will never have to buy another moderator again nomatter how many combinations of calibres and thread sizes I have in the cabinet) and its size/weight saving compared against my rusty T8.
    Alison at Wildcat/UKCS (which are conveniently about a 20 minute drive away) was really helpful and a pleasure to deal with. She had the gunsmith re-crown my rifle for free alongside fitting the bush exactly to my barrel. The mod itself looks and feels top quality and very well finished. Looks much slimmer than the T8 and much less "stuck on". I'm hoping to get to the range next week for zeroing and a sound test, but first impressions are good and the service from the company was great.
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    I have wildcats on all my rifles and have no complaints about them at all.

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    I have 3 mods including the old T8 which I 'inherited' with my .223 which is still effective but bigger, heavier and less maintainable than either of the two others. The ASE I have fitted to the .17 Hornet is a very good mod.

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