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Thread: micro chipping?

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    Angry micro chipping?

    Just reading this weeks copy of Countrymans weekly and there is a good article on micro chipping,I haven't taken much notice of this till now thinking that it would be compulsory for new litters but it seems that all dogs must be chipped and that the kennel club are going to provide all councils with a scanner.Me being cynical but is this another thing for the vets and the kennel club to make money out of us,who was consulted on this issue cause no one asked me for my thoughts on the matter as usual.Any thoughts out there?

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    The consultation was conducted in 2012, the legislation enacted in 2014 and is compulsory for all dogs in 2016.

    All down to you for pleading ignorance.


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    It's 10 at my local vet. When it comes compulsory watch the price jump up. So time to do it.

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    Even before this became law I would never have even considered hot having a dog of mine chipped. Costs pennies in the grand scheme of things, you can even get it done for FREE on occasion.
    If one of my pair goes walkabout one day (if it happens I know which one it'll be ) and we're reunited because they scan the chip, it'll be priceless.
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    Could always check here and get it done for free...

    FREE Microchipping! | Chip My Dog

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    I've had my sheepdogs done for free.
    Drop-in sessions organised at local farmers' co-op, etc.

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    I take it from these answers that you all think it is a good thing, fair enough,I don't but thats why it's supposed to be a free country. Sorry I said anything,Bye

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    A one off 10 which is a piece of mind, security, respectful to my dogs who are my best friends etc is nothing. I just wish they'd develop a GPS micro chip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by motomo View Post
    I take it from these answers that you all think it is a good thing, fair enough,I don't but thats why it's supposed to be a free country. Sorry I said anything,Bye
    before you go, just exactly why are you against it?
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    Both my dogs are chipped and my dogs before these were. A friend of mine had a dog stolen the day after it had won at a game fair, one year later he saw his dog at the same fair, after a very nasty confrontation and police reinforcements having to be called, my friend and his family had to be smuggled from the site in the back of a police van. The next day police called for him to go and collect his dog, it had been ID'd as belonging to him because it was chipped. After all this I'm still not sure it should be compulsory. I do believe in freedom of choice.

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