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Thread: Slow DMQ administration

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    Slow DMQ administration

    Both myself and stalking partner still havent received our DSC2 certificates although completed them in February of this year and submitted them at the beginig of March.

    How long normally does the process take, I would have thought by now these awards would have come through.


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    Have you had any subsequent contact with your respective portfolio assessors? I'd have expected them by now to at least have phoned you to ask a few supplementary questions and to either tell you that they will be forwarding the portfolios with a recommendation for award, or that they require you to answer a few supplementary questions.

    If you have had no such contact, I'd recommend a polite phone call. I trust you kept a note of their phone numbers and names?
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    Not wishing to alarm but it wouldn't be the first time that they have lost things.

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    Just a phone call or two to your assessment centre should speed things along. Sometimes a portfolio or few end up in a pile of work that gets forgotten about. Mine was gone two months but once I phoned up to chase it only took a week or so.

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    Caprelous, Handed mine to barony collage assesor june 05 his sign of was 31/03/06 , i suppose thats not normal, chassed around for a while then spoke to a right helpful chap Peter Anderson, who got things going and called back to keep me informed, he told me my portfolio was under a pile on someones desk and had been missed!!.
    So it will be worth a call just to make sure it is being delt with.

    Dry Powder.


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    From what your all saying this is normal and it sounds to me like a right shables. Has Mr Brown and his cronies have anything to do with the running of this as it certainly sounds like it. In any other job you would get fired for such tardiness .

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    I think I may posted this before, I completed in the early feb sent off the day after, heard nothing then a phone call end of May again heard nothing until the cert arrrived Aug.
    I did phone to check progress with little clarity from the DMQ.

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    i was quite impressed by the speed in which my case was dealt with
    i completed my portfolio on the 20th march and sent it via recorded a few days later
    phoned to see if it had arrived a couple more days on
    it had
    with in a fortnight, i had a call from my assessor just clarifying all
    less than a week later i then had a call from the internal verifier, just to say all was okay and well done
    certifcate and badge was in my hand just about a week or so later
    so all in all it took about 1 month from me completeing the portfolio to getting my cert
    can not fault them for their speed and professionalism
    Welldone to all concerned, a credit to DMQ

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    Completed mine in December. A few calls in Jan/Feb finally completed with Assessor in April and BASC Ack receipt. Still waiting for IV to finish and keen for the certificate................

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    If it weren't for the fact that you have spent the past few years publically criticising DMQ2 on various web forums, open for any assessor / internal verifier who may be interested in the rumblings of the deer stalking jungle drums to see, then I would think you could expect your certificate to arrive a lot more quickly.

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