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Thread: .308 Factory Sako rounds for sale

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    .308 Factory Sako rounds for sale


    I have some factory rounds for sale:

    60x .308 Sako SuperHammerhead 150 gr + a dozen empty cases
    18x .308 Federal Hi-Shock Soft Point

    70 for everything. Just phoned York Guns, the Sako rounds are 36.20 per box, so this is a good price for everything I think. I would prefer face to face, around the darlington area, but would RFD if needed.

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    This is what I'm using atm, Would you know what the RFD costs would be please ? Many thanks Kev

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    Is the ammo still available? I am based in North Yorkshire (Catterick)

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    Sorry guys for the late reply. Yes ammo is still available!! I'm currently in Darlington if anyone can get there to collect.

    Not sure on RFD...think its either 15 or 25 the last time I sent a rifle, I assume it will be the same for ammo, but shouldn't be anymore than that! I will find out for you if your interested, but would prefer the ammo collected.

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    ???? any more info please

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