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Thread: Polyethylene PE500 cutting board

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    Polyethylene PE500 cutting board

    Looking to purchase a bespoke size cutting board for carcass preparation.
    Any info on best stockists/suppliers for Polyethylene PE500 grade or similar products?

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    Try the butchers equipment warehouse they have everything or smith's silent salesman


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    found you this :

    Butchers Blocks Sundries | Food Plastics

    as a plus you can use your old ones for reloading cut them to a nice size drill say 100 holes then use another sheet to back it up glue or rivet then ye ha you have custom loading try's for naff all

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    I used to buy rubber sheet from, just looked on their web site. If they offer a cutting service?

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    Contact Details
    M. K. Ingredient Supplies Ltd
    Unit F, Mushroom Road
    Clyst St. Mary, EXETER
    EX5 1SB
    Tel: +44 (0) 1395 234970
    Contact us

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