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Thread: gun slip/ carry case

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    gun slip/ carry case

    hello all

    i thought i'd right and tell you all about a great gun slip/ carry case i have just got off flea bay , it cost 10 plus same again p&p from australia.

    the gun slip/ carry case is the type you can either carry as a normal slip or put on your back like a rucksack . it is made of strong nylon webbing materal it has internal barrel straps and external straps to secure the rifle as its carried. there are numerous pockets and its also padded.

    the slips come in olive green or black and come in two sizes (40" & 48") i search on flea bay under gun slips and there they are.

    i have seen more robust types but these will suit all my rifle needs for at least a few yrs for a good price. hpoe this is of use to anyone ......................neil

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    type " E BAY" into search bar
    then type "GUN SLIP" into e bay search bar
    have a look at what's there .

    after that type in "IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE" into search bar and see what comes up

    hope this helps .......neil

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    Hi griff,
    Just wonderd if these will take / close with a bipod on? Thanks.

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    Now neil, don't get on to me but there are over 100 slips on there, bit more info please, sellers name maybe, item number?, this old man needs all the help he can


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    they are the gun slips i was on about , sorry for the delay getting back to you all working shifts.

    my slip the is the 40"type and it takes my sako 85 with a T8 mod harris bi-pod and 8x56 S&B scope with a couple of inches to spare . there is an inbuilt 6" extention peice on the slip as well to increase length by the barrel end ,they do a 48" slip as well

    i hope this answers all your questions......neil

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    thank you Chris Robb, and welcome to the site.

    Neil they look pretty good mate, room for all sorts of essential crap that we need Hope you are on a decent shift now.


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    i think this slip is great value for money , hae seen better ones but they were at least three times the price, it covers all my needs .

    on my last post i said i had the 40" ERROR I HAVE THE 48" slip...neil

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