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Thread: STEYR CLASSIC 7mm-08

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    STEYR CLASSIC 7mm-08

    For sale is my Steyr Classic in the excellent 7mm-08 caliber.

    I purchased the rifle earlier this year as a stop gap whilst my new 7mm-08 was being built, I have just done a 1-1 variation as my new rifle is not be too far away from being finished..... hopefully!

    This rifle shoots a .5" group with 140grn Accubonds and is threaded 14x1, it is residing with my local RFD.



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    Tom_o_om was looking for exactly this earlier this year, not sure whether he found one: Wanted: 7mm-08

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    Could I please have some photos,many thanks

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    Feeling generous today, if it helps anyone it is yours for 575 to include RFD transfer.

    I know I will end up forgetting about this rifle if I leave it with my RFD!

    A good solid rifle which has served me well this past year, if I was not committed to my new rifle I would be keeping this!



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