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Thread: good quality .30-06 rifle

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    good quality .30-06 rifle - found one!

    I'm looking for a European made rifle in .30-06. It needs to be a good make such as a Sako, Tikka, Blaser etc and in good condition. At the risk of sounding rude, I'm not interested in any Remington 700s nor anything other than .30-06. If you have a Cabinet Queen that fits the bill and needs to get out more, please contact me.

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    I still have this one for sale:

    For Sale: Norman Clark custom Sako .30-06
    Historic Guns & Militaria - based in South Bedfordshire - Historic Guns Militaria

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    What about something like this Lakelander
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    Theres a Sako 85 in west country guns for sale with grade 5 wood, its only had about 30 rounds through it, as my mate set it up and then had a heart attack and had to get rid of it.
    Sako .30-06 85 M Hunter Wood Blued Bolt Action Rifle for sale. Buy for £1,575.

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    Let me clarify, I want a good quality rifle for shooting not for decoration. I'm not looking for a fancy piece of wood, a plain 'Hunter' grade wooden stock with a blue action/barrel would fine as would a stainless/synthetic (e.g. Sako 75) or even a laminate stock. I can appreciate a nicely figured piece of walnut as much as the next man, but on this occasion it will be out of place.


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    Is the 30-06 RPS Highland Stalker on here not on your list?
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