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Thread: Another re-barreling thread

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    Another re-barreling thread

    I have a Tikka M595 in .222,I suspect it has had afair few rounds through it,and although it still shoots fairly well,I've been thinking of either looking around for a Sako 75 or perhaps re-barreling. Due to the lack of large game where I live,this may be my only CF rifle,so would I be better off looking for a nice Sako or would be re-barreling give me a nicer,more accurate rifle? Are custom that much more accurate than a factory Sako barrel.I only shoot long range bunnies and Geese,but accuracy is very important to me. Any opinions? Or any suggestions on how I could convince my FEO that I really do need a 6mmbr for long range rabbit,hare and geese,then I would be happy with my 595 and look to building a 6mm.


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    If you sell the 595 please give me first refusal. You're welcome to the Beretta/Sakos

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    Well if your thinking of making your 222 into a 6mmbr the bolt is not the correct size,

    If you are thinking of keeping the 222 and then building the 6mmbr that's a good choice,

    As for accuracy modern rifles are good enough for what your doing, but if your looking at longer ranges with accuracy a semi custom build my be better for you, it's all in the mind by the way,

    I have a couple of 20 tacs and a 6mmbr aall are used for vermin both medium and long range work, I have not found anything that does what I want it too other than the ones above, but that's because I'm a 20 tac fan and I also love the 6mmbr for those days on the stubble and the odd deer,

    I wish you well, but before you take the leap, make sure the feo gives you the thumbs up first and then go for it,

    No doubt there will be more comments....I just wish you well with what you choose,

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    Just a thought, but bucking the wind must be a factor up there ( I've been there a lot). What about a fast twist 223, available in Sako (not mine, it's sold) and Tikka, and no doubt others, or a new barrel for your 595 ?

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    Hi Paul
    Have you done a trigger tweak & full load development trials on your current M595? - A 222 is pretty hard to wear out & you may just be feeding it wrong ammo.
    If you want to change it & you can get it past your FEO, a fast twist 6mm barrel rifle with the chambering of your choice may be best for you. - I say fast twist so that it would be able to shoot heavier & low drag bullets better & be good for deer too.

    All the best


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    As Bob stated unless you build a 6mm based on a 223 case your bolt face is to small to accomodate the rim of the common 6mms that are about.If you are looking for long range accuracy you wont go far wrong going for 20 Prac, 20 tac of a 204 they are ballistically superior to both the 222 and the 223 with 39-40 grain bullets and with a faster twist barrel 50grain high BC Berger varmint bullets make the 20 cal a formidable long range cartridge.Ian

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    So I interpret the OP to say;

    He would keep the triple if he could convince be FEO he needed a 6mmbr.

    I also had the battle for the 6mmbr for smaller species alone and had to put it on deer ground along with any other legal quary. Have you looked at that route?

    However I would also explore the new range of .224 projectiles including the new Balistic Tipped Sierra Match King. I know I will cause controversy but real world reports are favourable.
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    That's right Scotch Egg,suppose what I was asking was if I could justify a 6mm,that would be great,but if that wasn't possible,leaving me with only one CF rifle,.222,would a rebarrelled 595 be a nicer,more accurate rifle than a low shot Count Sako 75. And if anyone has any suggestions on how to squeeze a 6mm past my FEO,I would be pleased
    To hear from you. Thanks

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    I think if you have the land to shoot it on there is no official reason why you can not have it,

    if you give good reason to have it then your sorted, there will be the odd FEO that will try all sorts to say why you cant have it but there is the saying its your right providing you have the land and just cause.

    but what is just cause.

    I am lucky that I have not had any major issues here over the years and have had multiple calibres stating for use for the same thing IE: Vermin for example

    1, 308...deer and vermin and AOLQ

    2, 243...deer and vermin and AOLQ

    3, 6mmbr ... deer and vermin and AOLQ

    same thing on small calibres.

    4, 222,... fox and vermin and AOLQ

    5, 20 tactical ... fox and vermin and AOLQ

    6, 17hmr.... fox and vermin

    7, 22lr... vermin

    I had a discussion about the famous AOLQ lettering with a few shooting people at a game fair many years ago and most agreed that this is not a get out clause,to put it simply it means that Any Other Legal Quarry with respect to what you are shooting at and is the calibre you are using legal on that target.

    silly way of looking at it,

    308 cal shooting rats ? not legal

    20 tactical shooting deer ? not legal

    and so on


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    You could rebarrel to 6x47, not Lapua, but the older design based on the 222 Magnum case.
    Have a scan through the HO Guidance on Firearms licensing law, section 13.25 which states that 6 and 6.5mm cartridges are suitable for windy areas. I would post a link but my iPad is playing up.
    If you Google the document you will find the latest 2015 version.
    I'd imagine Shetland is exceptionally windy, so you should be able to present a convincing case to your FLO.
    Good luck!
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