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Thread: Does 8 guage still exist?

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    Does 8 guage still exist?

    Hi guys(and guyesses) you lot will know more about this than me as im still an airgun user and have no FAC yet, but what im after it some empty, new and unfired and unprimed shotgun cartridge shells, they fit a project better than any of the other gauges but I cannot seem to find any on any of the sites ive been on, so am I looking for and obsolete gauge?


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    Pretty rare but not obsolete.

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    This four years old but is shows that Eley loaded it with Bismuth (non lead) shot recently.~Muie

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    Did not folk load using Remington's 8 Bore kiln-gun* cases as, as Muir might confirm, 8 bore shot guns have been illegal in the USA for wildfowl since Hoover's time? In the UK the 8 bore has fallen victim n England and Wales from the lead shot ban as the barrels on many would be ruined with steel and an 8 bore load of bismuth is much expensivo.

    * A kiln gun fires a ball bearing into a kiln to smash up the clinker clinging to the sides. Like an aerosol paint spray has an agitator ball inside.

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    4 for sale on Guntrader just now

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    8 bore is obsolete as is 4 bore so youcan buy hte guns witout a licence unless you intend to shoothem

    Clay and game sell the components
    they havethe Kiln gun carts and the die to reform the step in the Brass shoulder to fit normal 8 bore

    8 & 10 Ga Cases

    Phone them they are very helpful and knowledgeable

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    First of all, if you happen to have a 8 bore shotgun just uselessly taking up space, I will give you twenty quid for it from the goodness of my heart. Secondly, I'm pretty sure that John Forsey guns had 8 bore ammunition, almost certainly loaded with bismuth shot. It won't be cheap, but then you don't need a lot.
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    I can let you have a couple of fired 8 bore cartridges if you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FGYT View Post
    8 bore is obsolete as is 4 bore so youcan buy hte guns witout a licence unless you intend to shoothem
    Obsolete unless the guns in question are of modern manufacture? Also, as you say, once you have the ammo the guns in question would cease to be viewed as obsolete for licensing purposes.
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    Just because 8 bore has gone out of favour doesn't mean it is obsolete.
    I've never heard of an obsolete shotgun. - The law in the UK defines obsolete caliber rifle chamberings - but not shotguns.
    I've got a nice old single & cartridges. - Fantastic goose gun! - Especially when using ITM shot. - Tiz expensive to pull the trigger though!
    Maybe it's me that is obsolete!


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