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Thread: 220 swift

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    220 swift

    Hi just wondering if anyone has a 220 swift.
    Had a go of one this week and I like.
    Just seeing what folk thought of them


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    Yes I have one and like it very much. Most of the negative opinions you hear are either outdated or misinformation. There is not much velocity-wise between a 22-250 and a Swift but they have this nitrous-injected aura associated with them. As long as you don't get the barrel hot with shots in quick succession then modern steels will last quite well with this cartidge. 1:14 will stabilise up to a 50gr possibly 52-55gr. Heavier bullets will most likely need a different twist. Easy to reload for and plenty of brass about if you do this. Lots of .224 bullet choices!! I've had no problem getting any ammunition or otherwise for it. No recoil really, and I was actually out zeroing a new scope on mine this afternoon. I was doing it without the can and my last shot was accidentally done without my ears on - it wasn't too bad to be honest...a bit of a surprise but none of that high pitched ringing!!!
    As you are in Lanarkshire are you thinking about a Swift for Roe? I have no experience in this as mine is a pest gun used on big open fields - but you may get some serious damage from hydrostatic shock. Someone else might be able to give you better advice long as it is someone who has actually used one for this, otherwise you'll get the usual nonsense about them.
    If you PM me an email address I can scan a recent article for you which sums the catridge up quite nicely.
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    Getting some thumbs up for Roe 220 swift

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    yes, i also have one, and will always have one, great little cartridge.

    my main foxing/varmint tool

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    Lovely for foxes, genuinely you can shoot them out to 300m without touching the scope.
    Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake..

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    Oh this thread would come up just as I'm thinking about 22-243 and 220 Swift!

    Never had one but as Leadwasp said, get the barrel hot and you'll goose the barrel but you will with any high intensity cartridge. A barrel only works for several seconds through its life anyway.
    Even if you use 100 rounds to find a load you like and you only get 600 rounds (an extremely low and unrealistic number unless you get the barrel hot often ) from the barrel that's still 500 shots on game!!

    Go for it, or 22-243 Winchester, it'll be 'conclusive' on game!
    Any Questions Feel Free to PM me

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewT059 View Post
    yes, i also have one, and will always have one, great little cartridge.

    my main foxing/varmint tool
    I'm of the same mind as Andrew. On my second one, loved the first one so much I opted to rebarrel in 220 Ackley Improved. Another thought/option for you Jim 22-284, I even bought the reamer several years ago but never got around to completing the project. Totally agree with LeadWasp's comment about many people's yester years opinions about the Swift and mostly by people who've never had one. I measured my throat at new and after over 300 rounds and it had move forward 0.0020" (two thou) I never done this before so have nothing to compare against but I was happy ��

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    yes ,had one 20 years,still shoots speer 52 grain hollow points[reloader15]into 5/8 groups, clean / treat just same as 22-250.sight in 1and 1/2"high @100yards then just aim on at 300.

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    Years ago, before the Deer Act, some did actually both recommend and use the 220 Swift for red deer, on the hill, in Scotland. One such being David Lloyd I believe, he of Pipewell and his .244 H & H Magnum, and there's an article in an old 1960s Shooting Times that I have seen.

    Lastly, as many know, being a semi-rimmed case in fact it works well in, and is chambered in, the Ruger Falling Block rifle.
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    W.D.M. (Karamoja) Bell used the 220 swift for deer on his retirement from hunting bigger animals.


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