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Thread: Hakko 4-10x56

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    Hakko 4-10x56

    A good few years ago 'cyres' mentioned having a very good 'scope which was, apparently, very well regarded.
    What would one of these in excellent cond. (with sunshade) now be worth?
    I have one, am in Canada, but will be repatriating to NW England in the 'not too distant'
    I have, also, a couple of good european scopes.
    Hope to re-establish myself in 'the old country' soon.
    Best regards,

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    Sorry have no idea on values but the Hakko Supremem scopes were very very good indeed and were never cheap even though they might have cost less than say Carl Zeiss or Khales.

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    Hakko is a factory in Japan, a lense manufacture and a manufacture of optical products under contract. They made lenses for Nikon cameras. They made telescopes and riflescopes for American makers, some very high quality. For example, they made the Tasco Titan and Euroclass scopes, just before Tasco went out of business after the death of its founder. These were at too high a price point for Tasco's customer base and public perception, but were built like top end Leupold or many of the German scopes. I have one, and a hunter I know, has three of them, all on .375 H&H or .416 Remington, with hundreds of rounds with each.

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    I ran tests on Hakko glass back when I was doing such things, and found their higher end scopes to be very good and their lower end glass to be no worse than similar scopes at the particular price point. The only Hakko scope I have now is one made for the Poseidon Rifle (22LR, 60 grain bullet, 1-9" twist) which is a straight 8X and a very solid piece of engineering.~Muir

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    A mate of mine had a Hakko Scope on a .22lr about twenty five years ago and, if I recall correctly, it was very good. I think it had the option of red or green reticle illumination, ahead of its time really. No idea of current value but probably not a great deal.

    More importantly, did I read correctly that you are repatriating from BC to NW England, please tell us that you have a very good reason for doing that!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glyn 1 View Post

    More importantly, did I read correctly that you are repatriating from BC to NW England, please tell us that you have a very good reason for doing that!!
    Gotta be wanted by the Law or something.~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    Gotta be wanted by the Law or something.~Muir
    RCMP always get their man! Having said that, not sure if even they are tenacious enough to venture into North West England!

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    Gosh my name has been mentioned. I too have no idea how much it is worth but if you want to sell it please contact me. Somewhere in my container I have a shooting sports blue review book which reviewed the scope. When I purchased my annie I tried to get a new Hakko and ended up getting an ex demo one which was used in that very article. I will see if its listed individually on the invoice.

    Hakko were taken over by JOL and still make scopes for a varriety of names/

    Recently on here I purchased a 8-32x56mm N/S electro point scope. This is without doubt a hakko rebadged as it is identical to my genuine Hakko. I think most hakko have a serial no as my two do and its top end glass with very good positive controls. It seems that the early Nightforce scopes with illum were made by Hakko.


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    Moving to north west England, bring a boat or a wetsuit!

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