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Thread: Very nearly a disaster small

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    Very nearly a disaster small

    Got home from the gun club late last night after shooting a round of this years winter lamp shoot ( air rifle). Couldn't get into our driveway because of idiot car driver parking across the entrance so parked in a layby opposite. Opened boot to retrieve rifle,etc. As I closed the boot lid, rifle slip parted company with shoulder!!!!
    I trIed to save it, but you know how it is, arms full of kit, keys in hand,etc.. I saw the impact. Straight onto the scope (Murphy's Law).

    Indoors, the first priority was to inspect the damage. I couldn't open the zip as it had obviously taken the full impact. Luckily this is a twin slider job, so, opening the other half of the zip I was able to unscrew the mod and extract the rifle with a bit of jiggling.

    I expected the worst, but the only apparent damage was a (very) small indentation to the top of the elevation turret. No other apparent marks.

    I had to wait until I got in from work this morning to test the rifle in the garden. 1/4 " down,1/4" left of zero. Turret adjusted normally! Rifle now zeroed.

    I can't believe my luck.

    The cause of the problem was the plastic spring clip on the shoulder strap. The keeper had twisted, allowing the clip to disengage. Normally I only lift the slip using the twin handles but this time I had grabbed the shoulder strap and swung it onto my shoulder.

    The moral has to be, stick to your normal routine or you will get bitten. I got off very light, only a very small unnoticeable mark on the scope and the gun slip now reduced to one slider. Since SWMBO has got used to the idea of a new stalking rifle next month I can guess what she would say if I told her I would have to spend another 600 on a new scope as well. So can you!
    After repairing the slip it now sports about half a metre of duct tape around each clip.

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    Plastic clips are a pain in the neck, we will not fit them to anything that could have disastrous consequences. Not a lover of plastic side locks either, but a bit limited for range on those so we only use proven good ones.

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    I agree.

    This time I can't put the blame onto something that I was fully aware of, my bad for not using the carrying handles as I usually do.

    I'm just thankful that I got off so lightly.

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    Glad all's well but I cant understand why we shooters spend buckets on our gear and pence on the bags to carry them in lol

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    I agree with that, but this is a good quality bag that I bought when I collected the rifle. The rfd had obtained a small number of them as end-of-line and was planning on keeping this as it was the last one. He let me have it at a good price (40 IIRC) because I'd just spent nearly a grand with him. It has given me faultless service on average twice a week for the last five years.
    Like anyone here I look after my kit and check it on a regular basis. On this occasion it was a result of unfortunate co-incidence that resulted in the near disaster. In other words,my fault.

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    if you need a good bag look up Tacfire Systems | Specialist Rifle Equipment

    rifle bags in Essex
    Dan will help you out He's one of the good guys, I use the black hawk and Aim for transit and soft case to the high seat .

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    Thanks for the tip

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