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Thread: 308 to 300WSM

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    308 to 300WSM

    Right this is a bit of a pie in the sky question as I was just having a think about some calibres I'd like to own at some point.

    Ive got a nice Sako in 308 and was wondering if possible to have it re chambered in 300WSM and the bolt face enlarged to take a 300wsm? Or would in need a new bolt?

    Realistically it'd need a new faster twist barrel to handle longer bullets so the cost of a new bolt on top would make it better to start from scratch and sell the 308. Not that I'm planning on doing this just more of a what if scenario.

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    You could but it would be cheaper to buy a 300WSM -tho why you would want to is beyond me. I would never hack a SAKO 308 for such a project....~Muir

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    Sako made a 75 WSM action, it's like the slightly fatter action V but short for the WSM cartridge. I'd say it's impossible to convert a .308 action III to WSM as its too small and you won't get the mag to work. Save yourself some grief, sell the .308 and buy one in WSM. The other way of looking at it is there is no other cartridge you can convert a WSM one to so they are usually fairly cheap.

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    a slightly delayed response to the Hunter of Nuns.... I've a few sako 75's inc a 308 and recently aquired another in 300wsm which is currently with a friendly RFD waiting my variation to come through. I took my 308 in to do a quick comparsion and I tend to agree with the Dasherman's comments, magazine/receive/breech was a tad wider, 3-4mm, to accept the fatter brass. action length appeared the same but i didnt go into it that much. (i was more interested in barrel condition and moderator fit)

    Not sure I'd go as far as saying the cartridges are 'usually fairly cheap' Dasherman ! if you can get your hands on them in the first place, seem pretty non-cheap to me..

    Anyway, the plan is to take it on holiday for some plains shooting very soon, if interested happy to meet up for a play on a range somewhere....when the weather warms up/drys up etc

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    Thanks for all the advice and comments. It's not something I'd seriously considered as the cost would be too high and I like the 308 as it is, I was more curious as to if it was actually possible and by the sounds of it, not really. There is still something about the 300wsm that I really like so maybe in the future it's an itch I'd like to scratch.

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    I considered rechambering a 30-06 into 300wm
    doable but likely to cost the same and I would have run the risk of an older lower pressure action being tested by a new chambered higher pressure cartridge.

    Found a tikka 300wm and ditched the custom idea!

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