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Thread: Out of Season Red Stag- Scotland

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    Out of Season Red Stag- Scotland

    Noticed some large faeces in my orchard and some damage to the trees yesterday. I've only ever seen roe but this morning at 4.30am there was a Red stag and 2 hinds. I'd like to take the stag off. As the owner with crop damage I assume in Soctland I am entitled to do so? I just thought I'd better check as my memory from DSC1 is fading...

    Many thanks,


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    Is the orchard "enclosed"?
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    Yes fenced with standard stock fencing.


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    Yes you can but phone the DCS first they might want you to go on there FCR .But i am sure it is in the section of deer regulations as 26/10

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    Just reading up on this for DSC course next week so here is what the the good book says, On enclosed land the occupier may authorise out of season shooting of dear if causing serious damage to crops or timber. Shooting may only be done by occupier/his familly in daylight. If shooting is to be done by any other person they must be authorised by DCS.

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    You should do well Simon! Thanks for confirming. Sorted the beasts this morning.


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    Section 26 of the Deer Scotland act of 1996 if memory serves me right.

    Comes under authorisations. You have the authority if, X,Y and Z. One of which is enclosed land and damege to arable crops and farmland. It is one the SNH are trying to close due to abuse in the new legislation. Get on the Fit and competent register it helps when phoning for genuine SNH authority ~(e.g lamping etc)


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    Thanks again. I meet the criteria and carried out the cull yesterday.



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    you got any pics of the stag. was he a good size.


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