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Thread: Franchi 712 12g semi auto

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    Franchi 712 12g semi auto

    Franchi 712 "camo" three shot semi auto 12g (2003)
    3" chamber
    Comes with a set of "precision chokes"
    1-T.CYL. 4-1/2
    2-L.CYL. 5-3/4
    3-1/4. 6-FULL

    I've misplaced the choke key but these can be had for around 10-15

    It's sat unused for over a year, and beforehand was used on fox drives, the odd early morning on geese and a odd day on the clays.
    In clean used condition.
    300 face to face or RFD at cost

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    Any serious offer considered as need the cabinet space.


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    Hi HH
    Any chance you could pm me with some piccies.

    pm sent
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