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Thread: Pigeon in the wind

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    Pigeon in the wind

    Sick of work and no play I decided to take my new hatsan out and see what was about. I had about an hour and a half waiting in a local wood. Had 12 shots for 5 pigeon and 3 squirrels. I couldn't shoot at most of the pigeon as they were so fast in the wind.

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    Thought about nipping out myself to see how fast the grey rockets were travelling today but 'stuff' got in the way.
    pigeons + high winds = good sport, but small bags

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    I only managed 6 today, 3 rabbits and 2 pheasants, but great sport and better than sitting indoors .

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    Went on a wild bird phezy shoot today I won't say what my shot count was but the birds where phenomenally fast as was everything else on the wing .

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    I remember shooting pigeon in a gale, saw a group of pigeon turn towards me across the far side of the rape, they were about 10 yards up and coming straight at me. I thought to myself this will be as close as I will get to driven grouse.

    i set myself, waited, wait for it, then rose to take the shot, next thing I knew they were past me heading off into the distance, bugger they were fast!

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    I shot 1 stone dead and it traveled nearly 100 yards before it hit the ground.
    Great fun. It was also the first time in 20 years I had used an auto. Got on well with it so was well happy.
    I left the wood early as a big tree came down and I didn't want to be under 1

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    5 pigeon and 2 woodcock was my tally and missed a teal good couple of hours tho seen more stuff in this weather in 2 hours than in a whole day of finer weather springer pushed out 2 roe and Charlie nice to see a bit of variety

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