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Thread: Steyr in .243, great second hand purchase?

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    Steyr in .243, great second hand purchase?

    These rifles look like great value for money as a second hand purchase, any users or opinions out there? I was looking at tikka t3's but I could save about 200 on one of these and put more money into a scope.

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    You need to handle them, as they are quite different in weight and feel. Both are very accurate, well designed, modern rifles.

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    Co1 you need to be a little bit more specific as to the models you are referring to. Steyr have produced some excellent rifles in the past and some more recently that are not quite so good.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Cheers gents. Specifically I was looking at the Pro Hunter with synthetic stock. They look to be about 1200 new and s/h are around the 500 mark.

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    I have a pro hunter in .223 and absolutely luv it, slick bolt,French trigger and really accurate.

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    Co1 it might be worth doing a site search on these rifles as the subject of flexing stocks on some models of the pro hunter has cropped up with regular frequency in the past. The Mk 2 version of the stock was supposed to have solved previous problems but I understand that this isn't always the case and one of the guys in the importers told me some time back that a Mk 3 stock is possibly on the cards.
    A friend of mine shoots a modern Steyr (SBS system) and is fairly happy with his but he has had one or two problems and says while he likes it he wouldn't buy another one. Another shooter at our club has one of the higher end timber stocked rifles and loves his. His rifle is more akin to the older pre SBS models in quality and build.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    The stock flexing will show immediately on handling but to be honest I've never found it to be an issue that you can't work with. These can be accurate rifles with a strong action for reloading.

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    The MK2 Prohunter stock can still flex but it is easy to open up the barrel channel and fill to free float and stiffen, which i have done to my 260 Rem. Which incidently i will be selling (looking for circa 500) after the Doe season or when i use up the current batch of homeloads, whichever comes sooner.
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    Hi I have 2 fullstocks 243 & 30-06 super accurate and a joy to shoot Bazil

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    Had the 223 mk1

    Then the 243 in the mk2 had a bit of flexing with both stocks no major issues with either rifle the problem was the dead weight of a t8 mod on it, other than that they both shot better then me, the 223 is owned by mr brother James and the 243 is still in the hands of the buyer a mate called Darren near scotch corner,

    Loved the set trigger and the balance and slick bolt motion was the best I have had by a long chalk,

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