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Thread: Driving North, Monday

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    Driving North, Monday

    I have to drive to the Highlands tomorrow and was after a bit of a road report if possible. Will be going up the A1 to Scotch corner and then the A66 to the M6 then straight up, any real nasty spots that anyone is aware of?

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    Forth road bridge shut

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    Page 430 BBC teletext, if that's what it's called nowadays, has all the travel warnings. Always worth a look.
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    Went to our shoot just east of Penrith yesterday, the area was absolutely flooded saw loads of sheep floating dead in the rivers and fields. Lots of the roads were flooded quite badly, the a66 had a lot of surface water on it @ 9 miles east of Penrith, we saw 5 lorries blown over on the M6. Think it is raining again today so good luck getting up there JAYB.

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    Cumbria is fecked today and it does not look good for tomorrow either .
    We live on a hill near to carlisle. The water was supposed is subside at 9am today but it is still comeing over the flood defences on Warwick road in town and a lot of villages nr to me are flooded or without power

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    I think the M9 was shut the other day due to fllods somewhere around/before Petrh, so with the Forth road bridge shut the 2 main roads North were closed at same time.

    Spent last nite helping the fire birgade pump water out of the neighbouring hotels kitchen while a wedding was going on upstairs.
    The firemen and birds at the wedding were loving it

    Quit a nice day today but more forecast for tommorrow and rest of week not too great

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    I live on the island that is now West Cumbria. I actually think that as I write, it's actually possible now to reach the mainland by a bit of creative route taking. I feel for all the poor businesses and shops in Cockermouth who have hardly recovered from 2009. Devastating is the only word. I can only imagine what any insurance renewal costs would be like going forward, if they could actually get any. They said it was a once in a lifetime event in 2009!

    Was probably at the only shoot in the area that didn't cancel their day yesterday. Wet doesn't cover it. A serious test of wet weather gear. Driving rain and up to 70mph winds. We decided to do a few drives, which were interesting. The pheasants were either flying low and not very far, or got up and were rocket propelled. Did plan to do a duck flight, but that quickly was scrubbed off the menu. With the amount of standing water around, they could have been anywhere. You know it's been wet when your underpants start to get damp!

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    Google "windy wilson".
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    its awfull wats happend me othere half got family in hawick

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