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Thread: Which Lansky Sharpener?

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    Which Lansky Sharpener?

    My knife sharpening skills are abysmal. Looking for something fool proof and cheap. Looking at the Lansky 4 rod turn box kit and the Lansky standard (the one with the vice/clamp and three stones).
    Which would suit best?
    I use a Kershaw black horse 2 folder, mora clipper and mora boning knives.

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    I like the Lansky 4 rod kit for keeping a keen edge on a knife. If the bevel needs changing or the edge needs more work then I use Wicked Edge.
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    I have a 3 rod kit from Bushwear. Similar to Lansky and does a great job.

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    Used the 4 rod lansky the knife was sharpened till I could shave with it! Watched a couple of videos on line and found out how to use a normal oil stone which worked just as well but took more concentration

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    Personally I'd suggest the Spyderco Sharpmaker over the Lansky 4 rod Turnbox. I find that the flat edge of the triangular stones help hone a more consistent edge.

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