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Thread: Sake 123gr or Norma 150bt

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    Sake 123gr or Norma 150bt

    Hi all,

    zeroed my my rifle today after swapping scopes around and can get an inch group with both the sako 123gr so and the 150gr norm bt. I was wondering what would be the better choice for red hinds and the odd roe, need to buy a few boxes so any experiences would be appreciated.


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    Hi Tomm.
    My experience of the Sako 123s on roe are very messy. Great on hinds though.
    Try Hornady 150 SSTs, if you haven't already. Also the Sako Super hammerhead are canny.
    Just my opinion though.
    Good luck.

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    Avoid the 123gr unless you're head/neck shooting. Or like your deer ready minced.

    The 150BTs, on the other hand, are a really good general purpose round, and work well on everything from small roe does to big fallow bucks. I really rate them.

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    Thanks for the replys, shame as the Samos are a good price!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomm View Post
    shame as the Samos are a good price!!
    Ain't that always the case!


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