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Thread: deer identification for dsc1

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    deer identification for dsc1

    Ok my dsc1 is next week and it feels like I can regurgitate the book. I think my week part will be the deer identification, I know the theory for the species prominent features etc but does anyone have any known good links on the interweb. I have googled images just seeing if there are any good recommendations..

    Also how tricky is sexing the deer i.e If a red is shown from behind and there are no seen antlers..or am I thinking to deep here

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    Quote Originally Posted by simon t View Post
    ..or am I thinking to deep here

    Just learn the salient features of each species as noted alongside the pics and you won't go far wrong.

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    There will be nothing obscure in the test, for a general photo, like you have used as an example, they would just be looking for the species, not the sex of it. So long as you know how to identify the deer by sex, the clue will be in the picture, ie, anal tush/no anal tush (Roe)

    Good luck, I'm sure you'll be fine.

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    There are one or two tricky ones where they want you to tell the difference between fallow and sika females, shown in profile. But there was nothing on my test that was too tricky, although more people found the identification difficult than the multiple choice. We did have some army lads who failed the shooting though never would have happened if they had been marines

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    As others have said: don't worry about it as if you know the basics you are quids in.

    I was concerned when I did mine as I'm in Ireland and spend the rest of my time on Lewis and so had only ever seen red, sika and fallow. I thought I was in trouble until I turned up to do the course/exam to find that most of the other people on it had never seen a deer of any sort. Everyone passed.

    There really were no trick questions, if it was a red stag it had antlers and looked like a red stag. The female sika/fallow can be a little tricky but there were always very clear and obvious features to allow ID so even if you've only seen a few pictures as long as you remember the basic ID features you will have no bother. Also you could look at the slides for as long as you wanted so you can check the ID features off in your head until you get enough to make a positive decision. To be honest it sounds like you've put the work in and I am sure you will not even pause between the slide appearing and you having an ID.

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    cheers for the answers, looks like I was thinking it would be harder...

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    [ I have googled images just seeing if there are any good recommendations..

    I used youtube and to be honest it has the best live video files of deer on it....
    be ready to be shocked though if you watch ones where there shoot them...
    i once came away feeling ill on how people posted such bad shots...

    f. good luck mate..

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    A good bit of practice would be to go through some of the excellent photos that people have posted on this website, don't worry if its obvious what the spp and sex is; just go with your first impression then look further into the photo and use the evidence to confirm it. Start with, is it a small'ish deer or a large'ish deer? straight away you are then dealing with three possible spp instead of six. The evidence will always be there. Don't panic about the ID test or any other element for that matter. Enjoy the course. JC

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