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    Hi Chaps,

    So I have 500 to spend on a new pair of binoculars. Im looking for second hand high quality optics. Along the lines of Swarovski/Ziess/Leica. Looking for either x42, x50, x56 and no higher than 10 power.

    PM me if you can help, I would like to try before I buy and could travel anywhere to with a station.

    Thanks for your help, I know that its not a huge amount for what Im after, but it is all i can afford.

    Incidentally if i cant find something second hand soon I am going with 8x56 Steiner Ranger Pro's.


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    Sam - you should get a top make in very good condition for that money. Have you tried Ace Cameras in Bath? They usually have a reasonable stock of quality s/h bins.
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    The Steiners are a good choice, You will be getting binos that are pretty much on par with the other makes you mentioned....and with a military pedegree.
    Everybody seems to hanker for the 'big three' brands.....when to be honest they aren't the extra 400-500 quid and beyond better than some of the other I have been fortunate to own and use all the 'big three' and i have compared the afore mentioned brands to the big three.



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    You might find 8x56 is a big large......

    The 8 will be fine but x56 will be very large indeed, Try Minox if you can very good glass and well within your budget.

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    You are very wise to try them first, there are differences between them. I wrote a post about it recently, as I am on a similar mission. Have no idea how to link it though.
    Don't be blinded by brand either, there are some excellent contenders for to rival the big three, eg Opticron, Nikon, and I'm told, Minox HG.
    Good luck, let us know what you find.

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    Sam, have a good look at vortex binos.
    I was searching for 3 years and the best quality/value for money was the
    8x42 vortex razor. I'm very happy with them. Swaro owners look through them and say nothing anymore. Better field of view than most others.

    My friend has the Viper in 8x42, they have slightly less field of view but are a bit lighter.

    Meopta also have good binos. (value for money)


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    Sam, there are a couple of makes that are worth serious consideration apart from those already mentioned. Swift Audubon have been a favourite of the twitchers for many years and you can grab a bargain pair on the bay. Also, if you want to buy new, Kowa make great binos as well as spotting scopes. Personally I like Leica but there is little difference between them and Kowa, at least to my eyes, and the Kowa are quite a bit cheaper. The Nikon HD binos are excellent too, but not sure of the price. The image viewed through the Nikon HD's is flatter than the Leica and Kowa as these two as well as other top makes have a slight pin cushion effect.

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    I have a pair of the Steiner Ranger 10x42 and I think they are great value for the money. I just cannot see how a pair of Swarovski's are worth a thousand pounds more. You won't be disappointed with a pair of these.

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    I use Leupold 8x42 wind river cascades, I've compared the optics of these in low light conditions against Zeiss 8x42 and they are equal in their performance. I think new they are only about $250 new.

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    I have an almost unused pair of Steiner 7x50s if you want them, I bought them new in the UK in 2001 but moved to Germany in 2002 and found that I really needed the extra performance of a pair of Zeiss 8x56s because of the all night sitouts after wild boar.
    PM me if you are interested at 200 pounds and I will include the postage to you.

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