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    Hi All
    My name is Paul and i have now been a member of this site for about a year and thought is was time that i introduced myself to everyone.

    I have been a full time deer manager for 25years this year based in Somerest stalking mainly in Somerset and Dorset also have four or five trips a year to cambrigshire.

    Main species i do are Roe and fallow with a springkling of Wild boar in the winter.

    My Rifles of choice are the 6.5x57R / 25.06 and the 308 but most of the time its the 25.06 does the job for me.

    When im not culling my passion is to shoot deer with the video camera my wife thinks im made to sit for 3 or 4 hours and then to come home with them only on film but hey it relaxing to me.

    Well i think thats me in a nut shell

    Regards to you all
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    Welcome Paul - plenty of us here from the Somerset and Dorset areas (as you probably already know!)...

    I'm sure you'll find that many of us, like you, are often just as happy to watch the deer as we are to shoot them...


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    Welcome aboard Mr Johnson
    It will be interesting to read more as time goes by

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    Hi Paul
    Another Somerset welcome.
    Regards Mike.

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