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Thread: Sako S491 in Remington 17

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    Sako S491 in Remington 17

    Now SOLD.

    This is my Sako S491 in 17 Remington. Regarded by some as the finest short action Sako has ever made.

    I have only had it a month.

    Round count I am reliably informed by previous owner is well under 500 since the rebarrelling, and all factory loads, so not at all toasty. I shot literally 10 rounds through it to zero it. Truth is I can not afford to keep it and shouldn't have bought it in the first place :/

    Barrel: Shilen stainless 19.5 inch, 10-twist, threaded 1/2" UNF
    Calibre: 17 Remington
    Moderator: Dave Mercer DM80 17-calibre
    Round count (this barrel): sub-500
    Scope: NOT included
    Scope rings: Sako, included


    Overall the stock is fair and the action is good. There are some cosmetic dings on the stock, they could be sorted by a gunsmith, or if you are going to use this as a tool or get it restocked then they will not bother you.

    The bolt cycle is dead smooth and crisp, not at all sloppy, everything is firm and feels good, the sort of quality you expect from Sako.

    Trigger is superb, as you'd also expect.

    I am having it recrowned so the thread will be a couple of mm shorter when you receive it.

    Shoots very well indeed, you are welcome to try it out before you buy.

    Asking 750 700 face to face or 720 sent to an RFD of your choice.

    Pictures added!

    There are 18 of them so these are low resolution pictures to save everyone's bandwidth & download times. If you want to see the originals click <here>.

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    Why are you having it re-crowned? Some photos will help the sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Si-snipe View Post
    Why are you having it re-crowned? Some photos will help the sale.
    There's some very minor damage to the thread, it does not affect accuracy, but I describe everything transparently and in complete honesty and I could not fail to disclose it.

    I can't believe I forgot to post the pictures up! Thank you. Brain fade. Will add them now.
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    Pictures added

    Photos have now been added. For full resolution versions click <here>.
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    I can vouch for this superb Rifle. A total joy to shoot, they cannot be many like this for sale at the moment- I was very sorry I had to let the rifle go.

    Also Bruce is an absolute Gent, His description of the rifle is as accurate as the rifle itself.

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    Got to agree with the statement above,

    The action is fantastic I have the same rifle with a 20 tactical barrel fitted, a stunning action that is tight smooth and one of the best actions I have ever had,

    Cracking calibre and as said not many of these about,

    Best wishes regards the sale.

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    I have a 17 Rem on a Sako 75 action.
    This looks to me like an excellent buy for someone to enjoy the joys of 17 cal shooting........
    Good luck with the sale.

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    This bad boy is still for sale.
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    hi cant see why this cracking rifle hasn't gone. I shoot a 17rem sako vixen that I,ve had for 25 years, awesome rifle caibre never let me down, a question for anyone is the s491 action the same as a vixen action why im asking is that I have a vixen wood stock which is in mint condition that a chap wants for his s491 action its a shame to just let it sit in my gun room, if anyone is after a replacement stock, pm me cheers guys have a great new year dave.

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    Hi Dave,
    S491 is a different action to the Vixen s461or A1, its quite a fair bit bigger and as Packrat says it is probably the strongest and stiffest action Sako have ever made, only available for around 4 years and axed because it was too expensive to make and the 75 had made an appearance.

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