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    Pinewood Clothing

    Anybody have any Pinewood clothing , jacket or trousers and what's it like, price seems ok.

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    A mate of mine has a few pairs of their keks - loves them (not sure which ones they are I'm afraid!)
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    I've got a pair of the mufflon trousers and would buy another pair if I could find them in my size, I bought a pair of deerhunter at the same time and have hardly worn them. They're showing signs of wear now but they've had some hammer.

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    I have a pine wood jumper and love it, its years old but still not a mark on it. Would have another if i could find one

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    Had a pair of Mufflon trousers for 3 years, worn hundreds of times and they are the first choice over the other gear I have, silent, warm and good fitting.


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    I've got a pair of their trousers, fairly new and an older fleece. My thoughts are that the materials used are pretty good. Although if you like to tuck your trousers into wellies, the mechanism to tighten the bottom of the legs is a bit lumpy and can cause discomfort, but that's soon sorted. You'll pay a lot more to get better stuff in general. Good for the money.

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    Cheers for that lads, my friend on a shoot recommended them to me and when I saw the price I was a bit duby,but going by what is being said I think al go for them. Cheers Bugsy

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