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    Reloading gear

    Just seeing if any of my gear would be of interest to anyone as a job lot, not too interested in splitting it up, I have a lyman pro 1200 case tumbler only used once or twice with media. A lee turret press with a spare turret so you can change caliber a without needing to re arrange the whole set up, a smart reloading powder trickler that's brand new, a bullet puller fairly well used but still good and a lot of life left in it no cracks etc, set of .243 reloading dies full set of 4 also a powder dispenser that goes on the top of the press, a box with plenty of de butting tools in it and primer pocket cleaning tools, spare she'll holders etc, quite a bit. My number is 07837 687 938 if you wanna drop me a text message. Not sure how much it's all with but I would think at least a couple of hundred quid easily but message me and we can discuss .

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