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Thread: Polaris Ranger 400 for sale

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    Polaris Ranger 400 for sale

    As post Polaris Ranger 400 mid range for sale.

    This has reconed gearbox and changes gear very smoothly,the engine starts first time and tyres are all very good.
    Has roof and the back tips.
    Split screen with camo pattern on it perfect for stalking and night hunts on Fox or Rabbit.

    Being mid range it is not so wide and is very good in tight corners/narrow rides and paths.
    These will go anywhere I have only had one stuck once and that was in a bog( the drain had burst and we just drove into a swamp!!)
    You will get two red in the back and several roe and dozens of rabbits.
    The tail gate goes down and you can "field dress" the rabbits and may be Roe.

    I now hunt in USA twice a year so have no need of this now, this will be my 6th polaris!
    Very sad to see this one go.
    Has trailer that has been modified to take this 4x4 that will be for sale when the Polaris goes.750 will buy trailer.

    3350 ono for Polaris can deliver for fair price per mile.
    650 for trailer again can deliver after the polaris has gone

    please pm me for photos
    All pm's will be replied to.

    Thank you for looking.
    Polaris is green.
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    How old, is it road registered, mileage or hours ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jb7x57 View Post
    How old, is it road registered, mileage or hours ?
    Ranger is 2012 and not road legal just for off road...kits can be bought though.
    Done just over 1300 hours runs as sweat as a nut.

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    Price dropped to 3750 for Ranger and trailer

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    Did you send me any pictures ? Matt

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    Price drop

    Reduced to 3500 for both trailer and Ranger will split.

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    Final reduction before it goes for auction 3250 for trailer and Ranger 400

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    This is a pretty good deal. as a new Polaris ETX of the shelf will be over 7k + VAT.

    Alan (Polaris Dealer)

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    Asked twice for pics by email thanks

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