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Thread: Thanks moonraker68

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    Thanks moonraker68

    Following a kind return invite by moonraker68 last weekend saw me heading off to wiltshire to try for a wilts munty and after a warm welcome it was decided that i was going to be acompanied by stan a local game keeper and deer guide.
    The first evening saw us in a highseat in a local wood packed solid with bluebells and really was a sight to behold particularly to someone involved in the horticultural trade such as myself.
    The weather however was not so nice with a cold wind blowing straight into us and the deer were obviosly not to keen on it either as we only managed to get a brief glimpse of a buck and doe as they crossed a small track.
    We did however manage to get a quick look at a high medal class roe buck which stan is saving for a dutch client a real beauty and its certainly going to make someones holiday a bit special.
    Day two saw us up at 4.30 and after a quick piece of toast and a coffee we were back at the wood again only to be greeted by even colder weather so it was decided stalking was going to be the order of the day.
    After about four hours stalking and about six brief munty sightings we decided to have the last forty minutes in one of the highest wooden highseats i have ever seen a real suck a mint for your ears job
    However despite watching a fox cub and a nuthatch for a while the munties were obviously not happy with the stiff breeze and mooraker didnt fair any better with his stalk being cut short due to an early morning dog walker.
    We headed back to base were moonrakers better half liz had prepaired an olimpic breakfast fit for a king, i think she had been pre warned that i like my food as everything on my plate was in threes while theres was in twos.
    Despite the deer not playing ball i had a very enjoyable trip and would like to thank moonraker his familly and friends for making my wiltshire trip so enjoyable.

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    Jon, it was a pleasure mate. I hoped that we'd have sent you on your way with a good munty head or two, but they didn't seem to keen on hanging around in the cold. You are always welcome up here, and we'll sort out another trip as soon as the summer looks like it's finally here. I think your big breakfast was down to the flowers you gave Liz....better get my arse down to a florists sharpish!

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