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    not sure if this post is in the right place, but I was not sure we're to place this.

    I am looking into getting an ATV to use for shooting from as I am fortunate to have close to a 1000 acres of land to shoot over. At present I am driving around various parts in my defender, but it can be a bit of a pain shooting from outside the drivers door, so I thought getting an ATV may be better.

    Do do any of you use a ATV for shooting from. Type of shooting is mainly lamping at night for foxes,rabbits. Probably also use it when rough shooting just to travel ground.

    Any my recommendations on a suitable ATV and sort of set up will be appreciated. Don't want to spend no more than about 1500.

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    Keep your eye on the classifieds here, and you will get what you want. I think there's a couple in there now in your price range. I've even seen them advertised complete with shooting rest etc.

    I bought my ATV off this site.

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    For 1500 id be asuming a second hand quad with a modification for mounting a rifel and carrying a rifel. Ideal for solo

    The actual ATV trucks are prety expensive so id have thaught you wont get much for your 1500

    I baught a Honda 250 2 wheel drive which you can easy get for 1500

    looking back I think I should have got the 4X4 350.

    Mind you now I have a decent set of slasher tyres on it now and I have yet to get stuck anywhere

    Also my one is a manual and id probably be better off with an auto box


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    Yes it will be secondhand. I will
    looking for the 4x4 type quad. Ideally like it with a rifle
    support bracket attached, and suitable lamping attachment, but I can make
    that. How do you find them for shooting vehicles?

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    look for a used Honda, as they don't normally go wrong and the parts are easily obtainable even for 20yr old bikes

    if you do go for a 4x4 try and get switchable as the permanent 4x4 is very heavy on fuel and your arms after a long session steering round after bunnies. I ran a 250 2wd for many years and got on as well as I do with my 500 4x4. The benefit with the 250 is it will do miles on a tankful and they are so light they generally don't sink in and need the 4x4 if they do drop into any ruts etc they are light enough to bounce the back end round (which you wont do on the 450 or bigger)

    I would get the bike ride it round for a while then make yourself a shooting frame as you can make one that suits your style of riding and shooing. I like having a front bar and it extends partly to the right hand side so I can spin round a bit on the seat and generally get on the bike from the left. I spent years just resting on the front headlight on the steering on my 500cc, with no problems at all.

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    I do a lot of shooting from a quad, obviously good all round visibility but you are exposed to the elements, shooting rests are easily made with a few basic skills, I'll put a picture up of mine so you can get ideas, or google "shooting atv" nad click on images for loads of ideas.

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    Thanks guys, Some really useful info. I will look into the non 4x4 to see if that will suit me better. I know I will be open to the elements, but I do have a defender to go in if the weather is that bad.
    So I best keep my eyes open for s decent quad in the Devon / Cornwall area.

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    I personally wouldn't bother with a two wheel drive quad. Honda or Kawasaki four wheel drive or switchable at least.

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