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Thread: starter shotgun

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    starter shotgun

    Hi all.

    My soon to be thirteen year old daughter is itching to take up clay shooting. We have been to a local gun shop to try a few for size.
    Was tempted by a 410 but with such a small amount of shot she would have to be right on the money to hit any clays.
    She handled a yildiz junior in 20 bore and it fitted her well. I would go for this but feel she probably won't like the recoil. So I thought one in 28 bore would fit the bill. Start her off with light loads and increase up to 21 + gram loads when she gets used to it.
    The sales "gentlemen" said she would be better with the 20 bore was the recoil from a 28 can be to harsh. .............................. I will let you fill in the gap as to what I thought at the time.
    The other option was a hatsan escort junior. I know they are marmite guns but would this be a good option for a youngster who is probably going to shoot maybe 10 times a year tops.

    Your thoughts and advice are much appreciated

    Regards Pete
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    20 bore for sure. I think it was BSA that made a cracking "father & son" 20 with two different stocks and they were only 700 new. They discontinued them as they were losing money but snap one up if you find one.
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    I'd go twenty bore easier to find than 28
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    I'd stay well clear of a hatsan escort some might be great and reliable but if it won't cycle its going to ruin the day I think you can get 21 gram loads for the 410. Why not see what she likes

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    look out for a Winchester 20 they are short in the stock from memory and hold a value a nice pointable starter with a good recoil pad as standard

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    my 11 son has just started on a Webley & Scott 20 bore with 2 stocks black action very nice gun for the money .

    regards Jason .

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    Quote Originally Posted by 375 mag View Post
    I'd go twenty bore easier to find than 28
    Hi 375. You say easier to find. Is that gun, cartridges or both.

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    Jason. Did the shotgun come with both stocks from new.

    The reason I thought the 28 was my daughter is pretty slim. I use a miroku skeet in 12 which weighs 7.5 lbs. It's lovely to shoot with 21 gram loads. But I suspect 21 gram loads in a lighter 20 gun would make it a little punch for her. I have not had much experience with shotguns but know how easy it is to develop a flinch and not enjoy shooting because of it

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    Can you have pump actions? The Remington Lightweight Model 870 Express Youth or Ladies 20 gauge.
    I started my son off on a Remington 1100 LT semi-auto. Both it and the pump action have 21 inch barrels and screw in chokes, shorter butt stocks.
    But you can find plenty of longer stocks and barrels, later.

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    Personally I'd see what gauge offers what load and then look at the weights of the guns in that calibre that have stocks that can be cut or altered to fit your daughter.

    For economy that is going to be a machine made gun where a butt stock is available cheaply.

    So it may be that in fact the larger 12 Bore offers the loads that will result in the lowest recoil. That and that the gun will weigh more may be the way to go.

    Both Lylvale and Gamebore offer a 21 gram 12 bore and a 21 gram 20 bore load, as do Hull Cartridge, so, as the gun will be heavier, such a gun firing a 21 bore 12 bore will offer less recoil that the identical model of gun but chambered in 20 bore.

    PJ1 is on the same thought route as I am.

    Unfortunately, as SOUTHERN may not know whilst 21' barrel shot guns are not illegal in UK they are in pump action or self-loading s5 "prohibited" weapons.
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